To be honest I’ve never really thought about it but, I’ll try to give my honest opinion. You might already know that sending a robot to outer space has lot of perks. If I have to include some of them then that’ll be…

Advantages ::–

  • Robots work with high precision, so there’ll be less chance for them to make any mistakes. Not to mention even if there is a problem, the risk will be pretty slim since it doesn’t applies to an actual human.
  • Robots don’t require any recuperation from exhaustion. To put it simply, they don’t need food, water or any supply of oxygen. If they are on the verge of shutdown, they can always recover themselves from the solar energy generated by sun.
  • Robots can be classified as armed slaves, and since they don’t get tired, they don’t need any wink of sleep either. They can work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365/366 days an year non stop. Looking at it from different scenario if they were planned to send in space there suit must have gone through various tests and trials, so we can also say that there’ll be no need for spending millions and millions of dollars on human suit.

Now that we’re done with advantage part, lets take a look at some of its disadvantages. This is just my thought, but I think that sending a robot to space has equal number of disadvantages and advantages.. since space is a deadly place its better to let an unarmed being to handle the risks.

Disadvantages ::–

  • OK so I’ve already mentioned the point of daily necessity requirements such as food, oxygen etc, not lets take a look how it counts as a disadvantage. Its obvious that manned missions will be costly since they’ll require the above things and a robot doesn’t, but if you think about it rationally, you’ll notice that since the robot is able to survive and work in outer space, it must definitely have some incredible features which must have cost millions of dollars to design, test and finalize. So we can say that the cost part might end up getting more for robots compared to humans.
  • Next important point is that robots can’t think for themselves, they need some instructions from humans to work on. Now consider a case where a problem arises which was not mentioned in the robots database, how is it going to fight that problem ? Of course there’ll be no choice and a person has to go and do it by himself which’ll cost a few millions.
  • You might have seen this in movies or maybe even experienced it in day to day life how the gadgets or robots are hacked or taken over by malicious hackers, well space robot is no different. There are some chances that people might end up hacking them for there own benefits.
  • Another disadvantage is the delay in commands. This point is important as well since signal travels differently with different speeds in different mediums. It might end up taking a lot of time to send and receive a signal not to mention the robot has to wait idle for quite a lot of time to receive its next instruction which instead could be used to do some extra research.
  • The last point I would like to include which may end up changing life of many astronauts is the job opportunity. Being an astronaut is tough and risky, but it pays a fortune. Since robots might end up taking over outer space issues, astronauts on the other hand side may end up losing their jobs. Since robots are getting better and better every day, they’ll become more cheaper to send in space with minimum risks of failure.

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