Lets see, since you are a starter then its best if you get to know about some of the common electronic components used in building any electronic project. I won’t recommend you a book because… from my experience robotics is not something you can learn and apply even if you are a geek coz, practical application is what matters. So visit some shopping websites and buy some beginner electronics components + an Arduino board, it’ll hardly cost you around Rs 500-600 ( $ ~8 ).

Next step is to start with minor projects, and since you’ll be starting by mounting everything on a breadboard it’ll be easy to build lots of things in a short amount of time. After trying some of the basic projects on breadboard, next step is to build the same on Arduino. This way you’ll get to know how its different, easy, and more reliable compared to building it on breadboard, and further you’ll get a chance to learn about Arduino library functions.

Once this is all done, you are ready to build your first robot. I would say you should start with either a line follower or a voice recognition bot. They doesn’t require much components, might get a little tough and confusing while building, but… once its finished it gives a great sense of self-satisfaction.

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