I think using AI technology in robots is like a double edged sword. One side it’ll be mush easier for humans to interact with robots since they’ll be able to think and act on their own to provide us with better results. If I have to include some of the advantages of AI, then that’ll include… creating robots for increasing precision to a higher extent, creating digital assistants for saving the need of Human Resources,using bots in medical application like conducting a surgery after analyzing the damage reports and much more.

And of course if I have to mention some of its disadvantages, then the first one is definitely going to be the cost factor since they are not going to be cheap, even if they are created into a highly intelligent being they are still some pieces of scrap metal with no emotions and creativity so they won’t be able to feel anything out of the box, due to mass production of these new high tech beings, it’ll be hard for humans to find any jobs since everything will be taken over by robots. At last we can also include the possibility that since robots doesn’t show allegiance to a particular person, it could be hacked and used for wrong purpose.

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