It is important that whenever you are starting of with a project, you have to keep some important points in mind so that the chances of you finishing the project stays high. These points are not full proof, but based on my personal experiences I guarantee that they’ll work.

1] Before starting your project, decide the type of Arduino you are going to use because you can’t expect to do everything with just an Arduino so try to maintain your budget to buy other components.

2] Always make notes on every step you take while building the projects, that also goes for the time when you are writing the code. This way if you are unable to get a desired output, you just have to go through the notes and find the solution for the problem.

3] Never start of with a complex project in the beginning. Go step by step in learning the basic interfacing of different devices and sensors.

4] Always try to make your code as small as you could because you must already know that there is a memory limit in every Arduino board. So its better to write the code in as many ways as you can so that you can remove the unnecessary part and make it more smaller and simpler.

5] At last the most important task is to believe in yourself. Most of the people gets discourage when it comes to working with an Arduino because they think its difficult and isn’t easy to master. Its true that it isn’t easy but everyone is a beginner at something in the start, so little bit of practice everyday will make working with Arduino more interesting. Not to mention this point goes for those people also who think about giving up on their project just because it was starting to get tough or they were unable to come up with new ideas.

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