I was always curious about this question since the moment I first saw her. After watching some of her interviews, I always used to notice her standing posture, her facial expressions, the way she talked, the way she responded to the questions asked… It all seemed so amazing knowing that she was just a robot. After going through many websites on Internet, I came across many answers related to this question but the points which were common in everyone’s answer was that for the AI part python and java were used, and as for her speech recitals and other features, C, C++, C#, python and of course the java for chatbot.

Sophia is not like other robots because she does have pre-recorded speech feeded inside her memory but its not like she uses it as a default way to converse with someone as she answers most of the questions after going through many trials and error but.. she is only capable of giving precise answers for simpler questions not for questions which are somewhat twisted or conceptual.

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